Ata Do

Ata – Do

The second stage of Kung Fu To´A contains the mix of exercises. It´s the unwave-like condition of exercise with the intention of turn. It develops a new prospect on things. It introduces a critical look at the secret of creation and existence or non-existence.
With its 312 techniques, combinations and reactions, Ata – Do is at odds with the characteristics of wave-like exercise, its aim is the return of the motion of the universe´s particles and the thoughts of existence.

From the Tao, the source of being and non-being, there was the “one”, the true principle that is symbolized in the Chinese writing by a circle. The circle symbolizes the perfect being of the people becoming one in the sense of overcoming the polar forces. Experiencing this unit is the deeper meaning of life.
Even the Sufis say that the good always carries a grain of badness and evil always a good track – Yin and Yang!
In Ata-Do, the second stage of the Kung Fu To’A this principle finds its expression in the unwavy nature of the movement with the intention of turning to penetrate spiraling into the depths and discover the polar forces within ourselves and sound out.