Long Weapons

Training with the long staff helps to develop a good basis for the handling of weapons and strengthen the upper body. The spear is the king disziplien of the long weapons.


Danda – To´A


 Double ended long staff as a partner staff form

The ‘monk-staff form’ (an adapted form of the Tong Long) is used as a basis for this form, which is designed as a partner form. It means that the second part of the form is a response to the attack of the first part and vice versa. This understanding of the techniques of this weapon is excellent depth.This concept also helps in improving the accuracy of the techniques and the distance.


Dai Sat Quana – Erddrachenform

A one end long staff form, adapted from the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

This dynamic and challenging long staff form is well suited as a base for training with the long stick. The form includes beating pattern, footwork, blocks, sweeps and kicks. It has a lively rhythm and supports endurance, because it is a long form in which the stuff is performed with swirling movements with one hand at one end of the stuff. It trains the upper body, arms and joints excellent.

Toa Lan – Speerform 

Adapted from the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

The spear is the king weapon of the long weapons. At first glance, the spear may seem simple, but it has many facets and includes very sophisticated techniques wich will be well learned, to guide the spear elegant. The small tail that adorns the spear is used as an indicator for the correct execution of the weapon. The spear was designed to keep enemy on a safe distance.