…Kung Fu To´A…

…Kung Fu… is the secret of man. On closer inspection from many different sides, the basis of man seems like the outline or the construction of a city.

…Kung Fu… is the world of motion, motion of power, motion of beauty, justice and humanity, motion for the recovery of society.

…Kung Fu… is the motion towards a thought, whose secret lies in the language of the soul.

…Kung Fu… is the voice of the nation, with which it becomes powerful and thus is able to create a marvellous society.

…Kung Fu… enters the mind, using above the soul, and thus wants to shape it in the long term.

…Kung Fu… defines the existence with the soul and wants to create a new basis for its existence, because Kung Fu wants to renew the human, so that he is able to understand the absolute freedom.

…Kung Fu… is a circling sequence of physical exercises, following the geometric Orbis of the body. There are 73.000 sequences like this, in each case differently composed rotations and techniques of hands and feet.
In their course, the figures resemble the constellation of the Milky Way, which means that the exercises of the body correspond to the orbits of the stars and planets in space, which are in their great numbers like particles in an atomic nucleus