Fight practice

There are no competitions in which winners and losers are being set. There is no enemy, but partnership to jointly learn fighting techniques to practice and finally improve. An improvement of the techniques leads to a better understanding of the applications. The fight as a light contact provides the opportunity to practice techniques and speed, responsiveness and distance.


In light contact fight we work with protective clothing such as jackets, gloves and various arm and leg protectors. This guarantees the protection against uncontrolled or unexpected actions of the partner. The shadow fight offers students the opportunity to develop suitable counter techniques with each other and to exercise them.

The aim of the fight is the harmony between body and mind, and within this fight you can reach perfect peace, friendship and freedom.

Body training

In Kung Fu To´A, we develop body and mind to the highest form of strength. We achieve self – confidence and overcome fear and weakness. We achieve a strong will and mind, and a strong and at the same time lissom body with a distinct ability of coordination. To reach all this, we use the exercises of Temschika. Working with partners, we practise the strength of body and mind with techniques concerning  the face, forearms, legs, stromach, back and flanks of the body.