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Our school offers training in Bonn and Oberpleis. With the links to the right you will find the training times and training locations. The offers are suitable for people from 14 years. Experience with a martial art or certain physical properties are not required. Free trial training – even without registration – are possible at any time!

Kung Fu To’A

Kung Fu To’A consists of wave-like movments that run powerful and dynamic. The punch and defense techniques with hands and feets are combined to 7 consecutive motion sequences (forms). By learning these forms coordination and concentration, flexibility and endurance are trained in special dimensions. The varied kicks and kick combinations of the style provide a special challenge in terms of strength, stretching, balance and speed. The techniques will be lerned in free and dynamic application in the training combat. Through continuous training body esteem and self-confidence will be strengthened and the body becomes strong and supple over time.

Instructor Li Schlüter

Haedong Kumdo – Korean Sword Art

Haedong Kumdo is a traditional sword fighting art from Korea. This elegant and dance-like martial art is ideal for people of all ages and physical abilities to improve their physical and mental balance in a variety of interesting ways.
The Haedong Kumdo is characterized by a variety of training aspects.
A wide selection of hand exercises helps to develop concentration and physical strength, flexibility and fitness. A good mental and physical control is important in any martial art, but especially when using a weapon.
Basic cutting techniques with one or two swords are trained regularly to develop the routine of guiding the weapon and thus ensure safe, efficient and effective handling. Exercises such as extinguishing a candle flame with the sword without touching it, cutting paper with a wooden sword and much more refine the techniques.
movement in space, sometimes resting in itself, sometimes spectacular, are developed by practicing forms (given sequences of movements against imaginary opponents).
through various partner exercises, arranged or free, training aspects such as distance, reactivity, understanding, concentration or intuition are improved. These fighting exercises are performed in a safe way with special bamboo or foam swords, which makes protective gear obsolete and excludes injury.
Haedong Kumdo is a young, vital and developing martial art. Therefore not only routine techniques are trained. There is also ” space to play ” for the development of individual movement sequences through sword dancing or free sparring with music, costumes and creative fun.
Grandmaster Kim Jeong Seong, founder and president of the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation, has developed the Jinyoung Ssang Kum Ryu School, which focuses on the use of two swords and the development of inner strength (Qi).

Instructor Li Schlüter

Vollfit – Fitnesstraining

You want an athletic body?
You want to increase your performance?
You are ready to give everything for it?
Leave your comfort zone and start!
Full Fit stands for fitness training with your own body weight and small equipment. The group training includes a high intensity workout to increase strength, endurance and mobility. The group pushes you to peak performance and helps you to go to and beyond your limits. You will grow beyond yourself and you will be amazed at what you are capable of.
No fear: all exercises can be modified so that the advanced athlete can train together with a beginner.
Never say: I can’t do it.
Program your brain for success.

Instructor Flora Rezaeian



Master Li Schlüter

  • since 1989 Kung Fu To´A with Meister Ahmad Jabery
  • Coach since 1993
  • 2000 Founding of the school in Oberplais
  • 2004 Founding of the school in Bonn
  • since 1999 Aoki-Bio-Energy with Osamu Aoki Shihan (Japanise Qi Gong)
  • since 2003 Dhyana Meditation with the Sufimaster Annette Kaiser (Naqshbandiyya Mujaddidiyya-Line)
  • 2. Dan Haedong Kumdo (Korean Sword Art), since 2015 Instructor for Headong Kumdo with Grand Master Kim Jeong Seong

Instructor Flora Rezaeian

  • since 2015 Kung Fu To´A with Maister Li Schlüter
  • Vollfit-Instructor since 2017
  • 2017 C-Trainer-Certificate by the SSB Bonn

A free trial is available at any time. A registration is not necessary. You still have questions? Please contact us!